Rehabilitation Centres in Punjab

As you investigate and Enumerate potential drug rehab centers, we can ask however itself many questions it will take you redirect to the basic things before you makeup  and arrange final things of drug rehabilitation centres in Punjab. Make sure every person feel satisfied that all of your queries have been tactfully and thoughtfully answered.

Some of the points you may be noticed before a selection of drug rehabilitation center:-

  • While your selection of drug rehabilitation center, make sure check his philosophy on addiction
  • Facilities and feature should be optimum when you confirm the selection of drug rehabilitation center.
  • How does their drug treatment programs differ from another drug rehabilitation center?
  • Administrators and staff members should be qualified and what are the main credentials of their management.

Many people are not still aware of drugs and how they become addicted to these drugs. Some of us can stop having drugs because of will power and principals and also they can stop using drug by selection to change their behavior.

Rehabilitation Centres in Punjab


In real life, drug addiction is very complicated disease and quitting drug those who are ready to quit. De-addiction Center is the best center for those who has the best alcohol and Rehabilitation Centres in Punjab-Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir . we almost come to those centers who has affordable recovery rates. `Our center fully approved by the government of India. Nowadays people and even youth are getting drug addicted and thus this ratio incredibly rising day by day in Punjab and nearby areas. The government has taken many initiatives for securing future plan rural areas of Punjab. This is happening just because the availability of drugs is now very easy. This article is being explained by many newspapers, magazines like TOI and Hindustan Times newspapers. When people gets addicted to drugs then impossible those ones to treat in a home like equally.

Rehabilitation Centres in Punjab


Then this time, we need to check or look out Rehabilitation Centres in Punjab. The best rehabilitation centre is the best place to treat drug addicted and alcoholics. Changing lifestyle time to time, people are now getting closer to drugs. This is the major concern for our society.  people do not understand the importance of healthy life. They bring your life into the track in short span of time.  That’s the reason why everyone chooses our drug rehabilitation center. Many rehabilitation centers have different but customized programs for addiction, But in Our organization and past success rate will help you to find out best Rehabilitation Centres in Punjab.  Each drug addiction has different effects and also treat them differently in our centers because we provide best facilities when people search for rehab centres.

Features and benefits when we check out features of rehab centres:-

  • success rate 95% in almost all cities of India.
  • Highest space for patients in any rehab centers in India.
  • Detoxification for Addicted Patients.
  • Ac rooms are available for the super deluxe category.
  • Different rooms are available for on request.
  • 24/7 customer support in all 7 days ( 365 days )
  • Team of expert doctors available in our center
  • Ambulance services, Meditation, and counseling treatment center available.
  • Daily medical report share with family members

Our Services

Working Hours

  • Monday 09:00-20:00
  • Tuesday 09:00-21:00
  • Wednesday 09:00-20:00
  • Thursday 24-Hour Shift
  • Friday 09:00-21:00
  • Saturday 09:00-18:00
  • Sunday 11:00-19:00


We seek to spread the light of hope and care – wherever we find the darkness of anguish and despair. We endeavor, in a humble way, to reach socially neglected people...

Our Vision

The focus of Reality Foundation is to support Drug addicts to establish themselves in society with best possible care.

Individual counseling

Individual intensive sessions with the client is an important part of the recovery process. Here the client has intensive ‘one on one’ session with their designated counselor

24 hrs Ambulance

Our ambulance service is available for 24 hours.