Treatment Plan

  • To stop drug 8 to 10 days after patient admit and it will take 24 hours blood sample will be sent to lab for investigation.
  • Psychiatric evaluation will be examined within 5 days of admit.
  • Psychologist will also examine metal evaluation & case history of every patient.
  • Evaluation of biological and psychological treatment.
  • Psychological treatment based on group and individual sessions.
  • Do Yoga in Morning and Meditation or exercise to overcome.
  • We carry different step programs who covers physical, mental and emotional spiritual recovery.

Most of us well already known and heard about detoxification diets already. Detoxification diet is the only medium for us to clean your system properly. without any obstacles or breakdowns, we will go through in a perfect way. Detoxification diets can help you to remove the effects of irregular bowel movements effects. Detoxification diets can remove your alleviating chronic pains, over fatigue, excess fat. Detoxification diets can definitely help to reduce your weight. still, we are thinking how it is possible? our human bodies are designed for natural food.

Detoxification may not be necessary and depended on the age of patient and medical status. In our DEADDICTION center, we tied up with different hospitals in Chandigarh.

Group therapy mostly used for rehabilitation centers and bring recovery. they build relationships between clients and support all clients.

In our center, we provide individual counseling lessons and also a part of recovery process. Counselors played a important role and if patient need we give them one by one session.

Client is also given motivational therapy on a ‘one on one’ basis so as to see what motivates him to stay sober / clean and motivate and build on that to see progress.

Information is strength and power. we at Rehabilitation Centre Deaddiction in Punjab, we will education all patients equally regarding addictions. we gave them awareness and 50% issues are solved.

In our rehab center, we plays indoor activities. it’s important them to take part in indoor activities to reduce mental status of patient and you can make them schedule as a daily basis.

It also important to work out and other circular activities like yoga and exercise and even participate some meditation exercise and include all things on daily basis. They also help you to be physical fit.

Involvement of family become a major play part of stopping de-addiction. we understand the area of confliction between  the person and even illness.

we share and celebrate stopping drinking Alcohol worldwide fellowship of men and women. In Rehabilitation Centre Deaddiction in punjab. we have 12 step programs of NA (Narcotics anonymous) to be follow. The expert counselor guides through sessions time to time discussion.